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Mental Health
Mental health challenges can make us feel disempowered, however there are lots of ways we can help ourselves to create stronger foundations that can assist our healing.

5 Steps To A Happier Life star
Sometimes it helps to have a structure to life, especially when you are experiencing mental health challenges. Having a sense of purpose and something to achieve can really help you maintain a happier and more positive outlook.

Alternative Bipolar Herbs star
Natural therapies for bipolar disorder are a viable option for many people. Bipolar medication have many undesirable side effects, such as weight gain. Anti-depressants alone can trigger manic behavior and rapid cycling that can lead to suicidal thoughts. Here are a few popular nutrients.

Alternative Mental Health Herbs star
Herbal remedies have been around a long time, and among them, are many that have been used for mental health. They can be infused into teas or water, or processed with alcohol.

Be Kind To Yourself star
Being kind to yourself is crucial when facing emotional and mental health challenges. This is the time when you need to be there for yourself and to find self-acceptance.

Brain Health star
Brain health is important to leading a healthy and happy life. It you're not using certain parts of the brain you can lose an ability you once had. The more you use it the stronger it becomes. Here I offer you some exercises to help strengthen the brain and boost your memory.

Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief star
Stress is all the rage these days, or rather, it makes us rage. Here are a few breathing techniques to get you started on your way to calmness.

Change Your Life With Attachment Theory star
Do you ever notice yourself making the wrong choice over and over? Or reacting the wrong way, or floundering in certain situations? We all have patterns or issues that get in our way in life. Here's how to use Attachment Theory to figure out why, make changes, and grow past it.

Cognitive Distortions star
Cognitive distortions are ways of thinking that distort the truth or reality of a situation. Depending on how we think, we will have a certain experience related to our habitual thinking patterns. Here I offer you some of the common distortions we use without realising.

Dealing With Discomfort In The Mind star
Mostly when we feel discomfort in the body we react in the mind. We tend to be in a constant flux of emotions and reactions. In this article I explore ways of remaining calm through challenging times.

Dealing With Over Worrying star
Worrying seems to be our favourite past time. We have got so accustomed to worrying that living without it seems un-natural. In this article I offer you some practical advice to help you to deal with your own over worrying patterns.

Depression and Exercise Motivation star
Does exercise sound too overwhelming? Five simple steps to overcome motivation roadblocks and start walking today!

Do You Embrace Your Shadow Side star
It seems that no-one feels safe to be who they are and to express themselves as they really want to for fear of upsetting anyone. However, when we embrace all of who we are, knowing that we all have 'good' and 'bad' within us, it can be liberating.

Do You Have The Fatal Flaw? star
Many people live their lives harboring a secret feeling that something is wrong with them. It holds them back from taking chances, from learning and growing. Here's how to discover your Fatal Flaw and take control of it so that it will stop controlling you.

Five Steps For Finding Your Personal Power star
Everyone has Personal Power, but not everyone knows it. Here are five steps to identifying where your Personal Power lies, owning it, and letting the world see your true strength.

How Do You Measure Your Self-Worth star
Feelings of self-worth can come in many forms. There is a tendency to measure our self worth against how many things we have and how successful we are. Mostly these are empty expressions of self-worth. I believe there is a much deeper way of feeling good about yourself.

Keeping New Year´s Resolutions star
So many of us make New Year´s Resolutions the give up. Perseverance is key. Try to achieve one goal at a time.

Love and Wealth are Not Enough star
What are the most important ingredients to create a happy, confident adult? Is it money or love? Or something else entirely?

Meditation star
Use meditation to get rid of stress, clear away worries, build concentration and focus, and banish negativity. You will feel relaxed and empowered.

Mental Health Challenges We All Face star
For most of us stress and anxiety have become natural ways of being. However, it is possible to change that and make stress and anxiety work for you rather than against you.

Mindful Eating - Taste the Flavor of Life star
When we eat mindfully, the same love of food that can lead to overeating becomes the key to eating less because we experience greater enjoyment and satiation. Eating becomes more than a habit or compulsion; we transform it into a form of nourishment and sustenance for body and soul.

Mindfulness To Help Change Thought Patterns star
Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and difficult to cope with. Here I outline some tips and mindfulness practices to assist in these times.

Qigong, Tai Chi, Mudras, and Mantras star
Qigong and tai chi are both meditative practices that use different movements to tap into inner energy. Tai chi is a practice of qigong, but it is performed with movement, and sometimes, a partner.

Stress Relief star
With so many ways to induce relaxation such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, visualization, yoga, tai chi, and aerobic exercise, how does one find the right technique?

Surviving The Holidays star
Holiday time can be challenging for us all, whether we have mental health challenges or not. However, those prone to depression or overwhelm at this time can be most susceptible. Here I offer some tips to help you through the holiday period

Ten Rules For Fixing Your Sleep Problems star
Do you burn the candle at both ends? Lay awake at night tossing and turning? One study after another proves that healthy sleep is vital for maximal brain function and general health. Read here about the Ten Rules which, if followed, can fix most sleep problems.

What about Therapy? star
Click here to learn about different types of therapies, what to expect if you choose to begin individual or group psychotherapy, as well as your various options when selecting a therapist.

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