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These articles are about real people - some of them just ordinay people, some of them famous. All of them have much in common with you and me.

Redeemed Years star
Think of the years before you met Jesus. Are those years meant to be hidden away and forgotten, or are they meant to be redeemed?

A Christian in the Voting Booth star
With all the campaign issues - health care, the war, immigration, gun laws, foreign policy - my head is spinning.

A Christian Leader's Personal Life star
The Church needs leaders. There is much to do and few who are willing. The rewards of joy and fullfillment are abundant but the commitment is not to be taken lightly.

A Christian's Focus star
The Christian walk is a joyful experience but not always easy. I know where I want to be, but my mind wanders and I easily fall into old habits.

A Million Nows of Christian Life star
Centuries ago, the Psalmist sang, “I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I set your rules before me.” Psalm 119.30 ESV What have I chosen, today?

A Question of Pride and Humility star
Who gets the gold medal in the Kingdom of Heaven? Jesus teaches what true greatness is.

A Random Act of Kindness star
One random act of kindness can change the world. Your act of kindness will encourage someone and live on to spread from stranger to stranger. Who knows where it might lead?

A Shining Example star
In the midst of hectic environment, a busy street, bumper to bumper traffic or after a long day of shopping, can others look at you and think, “She is different” or “That person is a shining example”?

A Teaspoon of Grace star
Sharing grace in word and deed with a world experiencing a grace drought.

A Word From God star
We're waiting for a word from God. We want to know our mission. We need to know what to do.

Ancient GPS star
Have you made any wrong turns lately? What guidance system do you rely on?

Attitude star
It´s all about attitude.

Battle of Temptation star
First seen in Genesis, when Satan tempted Eve. Temptation holds the same pull, now, as it did in the garden. Let's not look at failures. Let's look at God's word. He promises to bring his children through every trial and every temptation.

Biblical Guidance System star
Each of us has an intended destination. It might be a career goal, or a posh retirement. As Christians, we come to the understanding God the Father has a plan for us, and that becomes our goal. We set our guidance system on that destination. But how often along that journey do we veer off course?

Billy Graham Center star
It was my privilege to visit the Billy Graham Center located at Wheaton College, IL. I was impressed, not only by the immense amount of information housed in this facility but by the impact the Center is making in the lives of Christians and non-believers around the world.

Caregiver Job Description, Tips and Encouragement star
You may have transitioned into the role of caregiver without realizing it. Your spouse or parent or child became ill and you took care of them. Their illness became a lingering condition.

Changing Church star
I won’t say I hate change, but I tend to resist it. And by the many pages I found when searching the Internet, I’m not the only one.

Charity - Love Your Neighbor star
Loving your neighbor requires more than good intentions or even prayer. star
This is a website dedicated to giving encouragement and support to spouses of men in the military.

Christians Act When Disaster Strikes star
What do we do when disaster hits? Do we thank God for our safety and wait for the clean up-crews to arrive?

Christians Look Like This star
When the world looks at you, Christian, what do they see? Do they see someone who has received His grace? Do you look like a Christian?

Christians Together star
For all our social networking sites and instant messaging , we Americans seem to be becoming progressively more alienated from one another. We keep in touch with 140 characters or less

Cleaning and a Teaching Moment star
It seems that everything in life requires upkeep. Every appliance in the home, and in Christian life, too.

Conquer Jealousy star
Jealousy, that nasty emotion, begins almost as soon as we are old enough to notice pretty things. Lucy has a doll that is prettier than mine. I wish I had that one. Jealousy causes us to feel underprivileged. It alienates us from one another and distances us from God.

Contagious Temptation star
During flu season we are all very aware of the flu, as well as other assorted viruses. We take precautions. Are we as careful with contagious sin?

Death and Eternal Life star
These are concepts that are hard for many of us to understand.

Decision Making star
Do you ever struggle over important decisions? The bible tells me and I have learned from harsh experience, that I should inquire of the One who created me when making these decisions. My God has plans for my future - better plans than I could design for myself.

Decision Making Skills star
They say, to make good choices, we need to know our priorities. This is my biblical list of priorities.

Deep Roots star
Tip back your head and look to the Son for support in hard times.

Define the Love of God star
How does God’s love feel? How does the Creator, eternal God, love? We define love in the context of our personal experience in this earthly life. But, we often have flawed experience.

Do You LIKE Me ? star
I'm told that it is a human need to be important to someone. I would like to think that I have influence in some small part of the world. Where do I look for affirmation? Where do you look for it?

Don't Blame Jesus star
Who’s giving Jesus a bad name? I am embarrassed to say that it is often Christians – with all the best intentions.

Everyday Christian star
Jesus said to His disciples, "Come follow me." How often in a day are we asked to make that choice.

Expectations star
We don't have to live very long to learn that life includes disappointment and that victory seems to be living life with as little disappointment as possible.

Family and Community star
God is all about togetherness. It isn't easy, but a three year old taught me the importance of it.

FEAR and Anxiety star
God´s word says, "Do not fear." What are we to do with this common ailment?

Fill Your Pockets With Joy star
You don't find joy in life situations. You have to take it with you.

Finding Rest and Quiet star
As a woman, you are the hub of family life. You may be a single mother or the wife of a man who is consumed with his work. You may be a caregiver. Whatever your role in life, the activity revolves around you. Where do you find rest?

Following God's Call star
Do you want to accomplish something really important for the faith? Something important? Something that makes a difference?

Friendship star
There is an official Friendship Day in the United States. We have hundreds of 'Friends' on social media. We all have a group of acquaintances, but what is a true friend?

From Trash to Treasure star
Like sea glass, we're smoothed and polished. Unlike sea glass, we were never discarded. We've always been His treasure.

Fully Known and Loved star
What's it like when someone knows everything about you, and loves you?

Future Generations - A Lesson From The Bible star
I know that each of us will have an impact on future generations.Everything we do creates a reaction that will impact all those who come after us.

Gay in the Christian Church star
There has been, in the media, controversy as to whether members of the gay/lesbian community should be welcomed into Christian churches.

Give Hugs and Hope star
Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Giving Birth to a Savior star
We, like Mary, are asked to carry Christ to a lost world.

Glory Days star
In the best times of life we talk about being in our glory. When were your glory days?

God is Impartial star
God is unbiased. Can I be impartial while I strive to be like Jesus?

God's Promises for the Grieving star
I have talked about God’s faithfulness. I have sung about standing on His promises. I have proclaimed that God’s word is truth. I have surrendered my life to His will. Today, I am called to live what I believe.

Heart star
All about the heart and how it rules us.

Here´s To You, Mom! star
A letter to all mothers from the Hair Site.

Holy Ground star
What is holy ground? Is is a piece of real estate? A building?

How to be an Encourager star
I receive encouragement when I attend a church service. What is my part of the experience, according to the apostle Paul.

How to Beat Temptation star
We all know what temptation is. We all have known that instance when we must make a choice between right and wrong.

How to Care for the Needy star
Am I waiting for someone who is hungry or thirsty to show up on my doorstep? How do I follow Jesus' teaching in my middleclass neighborhood?

I Won The Lottery star
The lottery grand prize is over two billion dollars this week. It's very tempting to run to the local convenience store to pick up my lucky ticket. But, as it turns out, I'm already a winner.

Interview with Inspirational Author Gloria Doty star
Gloria Doty, author of Not Different Enough writes devotions, magazine articles, blogs, children's books and an occasional fictional short story. I hope you will find a bit of inspiration and encouragement in my interview with this prolific Christian writer.

Is Church Attendance Necessary? star
Why attend weekly services? Isn't a relationship with Jesus enough?

It's Worship not American Idol star
I was reminded that church is not for my entertainment. It is an act of worship.

Justice Roy Moore Shows Strength Under Fire star
There may come a time in the life of each of us that the acknowledgment of the sovereignty of God will involve a cost.

Kids, Teens and Their Parents star
An important selection of sites and articles for kids.

Leave the Past Behind star
"Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead; that is where your future lies." It is a humorous visual. Who would want to live life backwards? Yet, we get caught up in thinking more about the past than we do the future.

Light star
In the beginning, the earth was without form, and darkness covered it. And God created light. He separated light from darkness and called the light Day. Light draws us, nourishes us. We need it to navigate our world.

Light of a Transformed Life star
Does my transformed life show. Is there a light that can be seen by others?

Making Decisions star
Making decisions shouldn't be so hard. Why do I spend so much time worrying about day to day choices, trying to handle them on my own? Why do I only pray as a last resort or in an impossible situation?

Memorials of His Faithfulness star
What do you do to remember the high points of life? Some of those times are very easy to remember. It’s tradition. What about times of God's faithfulness?

Memorize Scripture star
Scripture memorization has numerous benefits but has been difficult. Only recently have I taken the time to conquer the discipline. I'll share a few tips that have helped.

Mini Mission Trips star
We are created for good works. Have you found what God has prepared for you?

Mission Work star
Where is your mission field?

Monthly Devotions star

My Big Mouth - Lessons From The Bible star
We all have heard that “Talk is cheap.” This phase gives us the impression that words have little or no value, and are relatively harmless.

Obesity - A Christian Concern ? star
Obesity is a problem of epidemic proportions in America. Should Christians be concerned? Is it a sin for a Christian to over-eat?

Offensive Television star
Immorality should be as painful for Christians to look at as it is for Jesus. How does primetime TV affect you?

One Day at a Time - Today star
During difficult times, I have often been advised to live just one day at a time. I shouldn't live with anxiety about the future or with regret over the past. God has been advising this since the beginning.

Polishing Your Idol star
The Bible is very strict when it comes to what and who we worship. The first two commandments say that that we better not worship any other gods or make an idol in the form of anything in heaven or on the earth. What idols are in my house?

Polycarp, Life-Long Devotion to Christ star
Do Christians retire? There may be an age when physical labor is no longer required, but fighting for the faith continues. This is the story of Polycarp.

Power in Praise star
I sing along with the congregation, praising God at the beginning and end of a church service. I often listen and sing along to songs of praise on Christian radio. I’m a good follower, but how often do I initiate the praise without the influence of a worship leader or radio program?

Real Life Christian Living star
This true story shows Christians making a difference. It doesn't take place in a far away mission field or even in a church, but in the work place.

Refuge - A Little Bit of Heaven star
There is a place of peace, built for us in Heaven. We can build a place here, displaying a few of the signposts of Heaven.

Reviving Faith star
When I first met Jesus, there was always a smile on my face. The fire of his love burned brightly in me and I couldn’t help but radiate it to others. It seems to be common place for the glow to dim as Christians go about daily living.

Road Rage and What the Bible Says star
Being a Christian doesn´t preclude you from experiencing the distress of Road-Rage.

Running From God star
As Christians, most of us would say that we never run from God. But, do we?

Sacred Expectation star
Whatever we do, it is to be for the glory of God. Is every event sacred?

Security - Psalm 91 star
I spent my life looking for security, but never found freedom from care and anxiety. There is only one source of security.

September 11, 2001 A Great Abandon star
In remembrance and tribute to the heroes of September 11, 2001.

Service Overload star
A servant's heart is a great thing to have. How much can you take on and still share God's love?

Shaping the Next Generation star
Parents are responsible for shaping the lives of their children. Not only parents, but all adults serve as examples that are followed, whether for good or bad.

Sharing Your Faith star
When you find a great restaurant, do you tell people about it? Of course you do. You want your friends to enjoy the good food too. It is the same way with finding faith in Jesus Christ.

Short Memories and Little Faith star
Have you ever had one of those weeks, or months, where every day brings a new struggle? Does it seem hopeless? There is encouragement in the bible story of the Exodus.

Singles and Dating star

Surprised by Abundant Blessing star
Sometimes we Christians don't expect God to take care of us at all times. Disasters yes, but in the little things?

The Change - Beatitudes star
Christian living is not an easy path. I like to fit in and I often don't. My Christian convictions often conflict with the contemporary habits of my friends.

The Chastity Trend star
This describes a revolutionary movement among many young people who are making to the decison to remain chaste until marriage.

The Church Builder star
Noah Smith was a simple man who loved Jesus. He was a church builder.

The Fragrance of God star
I burn scented candles and use scented oil diffusers, both designed to enhance the atmosphere of my home. In the bible, a pleasant fragrance is associated with pleasing God.

The Message in Clay Pots star
Have you noticed that the most beautiful flowers grow in clay pots? So too, the message of Christ blooms from humble, often broken people.

The Most Loving Thing star
This is a story about choice and a question. Which is the loving thing to do?

Those Who are With Us are More star
When listening to news reports. Dwelling on threats to my home and health, I’m apt to occupy myself with developing strategies and remedies.

Thoughts of Family star
Family is important. The family of Christian believers springs from a common ancestor and is eternal.

To Be Like Jesus - Humility star
People talk about wanting to be like Jesus. We wear bracelets and have signs asking ¡§What would Jesus do?¡¨. I wear my cross pendant. If I¡¦m to represent Jesus, I want to understand who he is. Today I¡¦ll study his humility.

To Follow Jesus star
What does is mean to follow Jesus? Am I really following or am I taking the path that seems right to me?

Truth for the New Year star
Another year comes to a close. I'll watch newsreels and read stories of the happenings of 2021 -some encouraging, many of them sad. For me, it was a year like any other. I discovered more of the need to rely on the Lord. I won't regret the hardships that found me, or the mistakes I made.

Tsunami Relief Effort- What You Can Do star
What the Bible has to say about giving.

Tsunami Relief Effort- What You Can Do star
What the Bible has to say about giving.

Vacation star
Serving the church is rewarding and fulfilling, and necessary. Sometimes, it can be tiring. With the work to be done and the need for workers, is it right to take a break?

What if I Only Had Three Days? star
If when you turned on your television and tuned into the news, they were telling you that there was a giant asteroid on a collision path with the earth, what would you do?

What's To Be Afraid Of ? star
Fear. It’s that feeling of dread, panic, terror. It’s that anticipation of impending danger. For some it takes the form of constant anxiety.

When a Job Becomes a Mission star
For the Christian, an occupation is more than a source of income. Whatever we do, we do for the glory of God. This article is food for thought for every occupation.

Who Rules the Nation? star
Each campaign ad tells me why the ‘other’ candidate is wrong for the job. It seems that if I believe that all the ads are true, no candidate is qualified to lead.

Whos Who in the Bible star
This page contains information about many interesting people spoken of in the Bible.

Words and Thoughts Pleasing to God star
Psalm 19:14 speaks of the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart being pleasing to God. It seems that he hears everything I say and he knows every thought. That can be embarrassing.

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