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Experience God by getting to know His character, shown in His names.

Accessible Jesus star
A question was asked. Why did Jesus spend forty days on this earth, after his resurrection? Why did he wait for that amazing ascension, when his disciples would see him carried up into heaven?

El-Elyon - The Lord Most High star
El-Elyon means The Lord Most High. What occupies the highest point in your life?

El-Olam - Everlasting God star
El-Olam means Everlasting God. What is the benefit of having a God Who has been here from the beginning of time and Who will be here until the end of time?

Experience the Power of God - El-Shaddai star
El-Shaddai means God Almighty, God Most High, God of the Mountains or God Who is Sufficient.

Experiencing God - Elohim star
He is the Creator. The Bible tells us that He is not unknowable. In fact, He wants us to know Him.

Experiencing God - Jehova-Jireh star
This name for God means The Lord will Provide. Trusting God to provide is not easy. How do you experience Jehova-Jireh?

Experiencing God - Jehovah-Nissi star
Jehovah-Nissi is one of the names for God found in the Bible. It describes one of His many attributes, meaning The Lord our Banner.

Experiencing God's Healing - Jehovah-Ropheka star
God wants us to know Him. By knowing the different names for God, we experience His character.

Experiencing Peace - Jehovah-Shalom star
Jehovah-Shalom means �the Lord our Peace.� This attribute of God is found in the Bible, in the book of Judges.

Experiencing the Shepherd - Jehovah-Rohi star
We may never really know Who God is, but when we study His names we begin to know His character.

God Who Sees You - El-Roi star
The Lord proved to Hagar that there are no insignificant people. He is the One who sees us. He is El-Roi.

God's Name - Jehovah-Sabboath star
In the Bible, God is given names that refer to His different characteristics. Jehovah-Sabbaoth means Lord of Hosts.

God's Silent Commentary star
Psalm 19 tells of God's glory declared in resounding silence.

Grateful for a Gracious God star
Practicing a month of thanksgiving for who God is.

Immutable God star
What can we rely on in this world. Is there one unchanging constant in which to place our trust?

Jehovah - Mekaddeshkem , Our Sanctifier star
What does it mean that God is our Sanctifier? Why should we be grateful?

Jehovah-Shalom - The Lord is Peace star
The Lord's peace is beyond all understanding.

Jehovah-Shammah, The Lord is Present star
God is always near. Why is it that sometimes He seems far away?

Jehovah-Tsidkenu Means The Lord Our Righteousness star
Over 600 years before Jesus was born, Jeremiah predicted His birth, calling Him The Lord Our Righteousness.

Jesus is Known by These Names star
These are Jesus' names in the Bible. What do you call Him?

Jesus, The Good Shepherd star
You may have heard of Jesus’ statement, “I Am the Good Shepherd.” Today, I’ll spend some time thinking of what this means to me.

Omnipotent God star
My life has limits. I'm guilty of placing limits on God.

Omniscient God - Antidote to Loneliness star
In Scripture is the power to relieve every struggle, loneliness included. Omniscience is possessing complete and unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding.

Rock, Stumbling Stone, or Cornerstone star
In the Bible, you may have seen Jesus referred to as the Rock, as a Stumbling Stone or a Cornerstone. These are very different descriptions although all three have similar characteristics.

Step Off the Throne star
It’s time I stepped down off the throne I built, and recognized the higher Kingdom. My hand-made throne is constructed of paper and plywood, destined for decay and destruction.

Thankful for the Person of God star
In this month of Thanksgiving, I'm thanking God for who He is.

The Many Names of God star
The Bible contains names of God that descibe His many attributes. Meditating on these names brings us closer to Him and helps us to be aware of Who He is.

This is My God ! star
In 701 BC, the midst of doom and gloom, God gave Israel a promise of the Savior. The promise is ours today.

Who is God? What Does He Mean to Me? star
In one of the most treasured seasons in the Christian world, when we celebrate the birth of the Savior, let’s meditate on the truth of our God and who he is.

Who is Jesus ? He said I AM ... star
The gospel of John shares eight instances of Jesus saying, “I am.” He wanted the people to understand then. He wants us to understand now.

Who Whispers in Your Ear ? star
Who do you listen to? Is is the father of lies or the Creator of the Universe?

Worship and Respect star
The name Adonai-Jehovah means the Lord is Sovereign. The prophet Malachi admonished Israel for not showing respect for their Lord.

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