Food Allergies

Allergies and Colds
There is great relationship between food allergies and obesity. So visit here to know more about this relationship.

Holiday pumpkin recipes star
Pumpkin makes perfect ingredient for holiday recipes.

2017 chocolate fix star
Coconut oil chocolate allows you to enjoy a favorite

Accidental-allergy warnings create confusion star
"May contain" statements are not being taken seriously by some food allergy sufferers.

Allergen-free baking star
Cookbook helps individuals with food allergies enjoy treats without fear of allergic reactions.

Allergen-free Easter treats star
Recipes to make a smorgasbord of goodies for Easter.

Allergen-free Halloween treats star
Get your trick-or-treat fix with these "safe" recipes

Allergen-free travel star
Finding "safe" food when traveling can be an intimidating but not impossible task.

Allergen-free Valentine's treats star
Try carob to satisfy your craving for chocolate

Allergen-free Valentine's treats star
Make a decadent chocolate or carob cake without dairy, eggs, gluten and nuts.

Allergies and backpacking star
Backpacking can be challenging when dealing with food allergies

Allergies impact others star
Family, friends feel empathy for allergy sufferers

Amaranth star
Versatile seeds offer nutritious gluten-free alternative.

Athletic individuals with food allergies face challenges star
Finding right energy foods/drinks takes perseverance

Avoid food additives star
Food dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives added to foods can cause immediate and delayed food allergies.

Back-to-school recipe star
Tips and recipe to provide help for children heading back to school with food allergies

Backpacking with allergies star
Finding allergen-free foods for backpacking can be challenging

Canker sores star
Food allergies, stress, nutritional deficiences put you at risk

Carrageenan sensitivity star
Thickener used in non-dairy milk may be responsible for digestive problems and inflammation.

Celebrate spring star
Spring is cause to celebrate with allergen-free lemon blueberry bars.

Chew slowly star
Chewing your food thoroughly can help with food intolerance symptoms

Chocolate, carob sensitivity star
What can you do for Valentine's Day if you are allergic or sensitive to the romantic day's popular foods?

Christmas cookies star
Allergen-free holiday treat for individuals with food allergies.

Christmas dessert recipe star
Pumpkin-avocado-chocolate pudding pie in a pumpkin seed crust delicious to eat, hard to say fast

Christmas recipe star
Make these egg, dairy, nut, gluten-free cookies for yourself or someone you know with food allergies.

Christmas survival plan star
Holiday can be one of the most difficult for food allergy sufferers.

Coconut milk kefir star
Dairy-free drinkable yogurt offers daily dose of probiotics to those with dairy allergy

Constipation star
Could this annoying problem be caused by food allergies/intolerances?

Dad's Day treat star
Crunchy quinoa-millet crackers are perfect for fathers with food allergies.

Delayed food allergies star
Getting others to understand delayed food allergies not an easy task

DIY Egg Replacer star
Save money making your own egg replacer for those with egg allergy.

DIY energy gel star
Make your own energy gel to avoid additives that may trigger food sensitivities

Easter eggs star
Eggs are a super food unless you are allergic.

Easter recipes star
How to survive the holidays with allergies

Enjoy summer star
Don't let food allergies stop you from having fun this summer.

Fast Tract Digestion star
Get control of your food intolerance by trying a low fermentation diet

Father's Day snack star
Prepare an allergen-free snack for your dad

FODMAPs diet star
Diet may offer help for food intolerances

Food allergies create challenges in endurance events star
Be diligent in reading labels and testing energy foods to find the ones that are right for you.

Food allergies create challenges not roadblocks to exercise star
Many options are available for obtaining 'safe' nutrition during long athletic events.

Food allergies explained star
Most common form of food allergies in children and adults

Food allergy bullying star
Lack of understanding about food allergies may lead to insensitivity and/or bullying

Food allergy elimination diet star
Helps identify troublesome foods that cause numerous symptoms

Food allergy labeling star
Top eight allergens must be included in products' ingredient lists but sleuthing still required.

Food allergy sufferers may have vitamin deficiencies star
Eliminating foods makes meeting nutrient requirements more challenging

Food allergy testing star
Blood test can pinpoint hard-to-detect delayed allergy or food sensitivities.

Food intolerance remedies star
Try simple remedies to reduce digestion problems caused by food intolerances

Garlic Allergy / Intolerance star
Common seasoning delicious for some; bad news for others

Garlic, onion substitutions star
Keep the savory in a recipe intact but lose the offending onion and garlic

Gelatin jigglers star
Use fruit and vegetables to make some red, white and blue jigglers for Memorial Day

Gluten intolerance star
One in seven may suffer from sensitivity to gluten, found in wheat, barley, oats and rye.

Gluten-free fad star
Many are eliminating gluten from their diets by choice rather than necessity.

Gluten-free muesli star
Make your own muesli you way to avoid food allergens

Gooey Valentine's brownies star
Celebrate Valentine's Day with a special activity and yummy brownies

Grow a garden star
Avoid hidden food chemicals that may aggravate allergies by growing a garden.

Halloween goodies star
Scare up some safe Halloween treats for yourself or others

Healthy Easter treats star
Enjoy allergen-free goodies you make yourself.

Healthy food art star
Turn food into art for tasty July 4th allergen-free treats

Healthy Halloween recipe star
Snack on pumpkin-spice kale chips instead of candy.

Healthy shamrock shake star
Try an allergy-friendly version of this popular seasonal treat.

Holiday recipe star
Try an allergen-free Christmas parfait.

Homemade sunbutter star
Making your own sunbutter can save you money.

July 4 cheesecake star
Lactose intolerant may be able to enjoy delicious dairy treat

Kefir iced coffee star
Perfect drink to toast the end of summer for those with starch intolerance

Know your nuts star
Not everything that resembles a nut is off limits for tree nut allergy sufferers

Lactose intolerance star
Could milk be bothering you? Find out how milk may not be right for everyone.

Lactose intolerant? star
You can still have dairy products

Lactose-free yogurt star
Individuals with lactose intolerance can try making their own yogurt

Leaky gut update star
New approach to healing leaky gut worth looking at

Low stomach acid star
Digestive disorder may contribute to food sensitivities and allergies.

Low-starch hiking star
Getting enough fuel can be challenging if you have starch intolerance

Maltodextrin side effects star
Common additive to packaged foods can produce adverse effects in sensitive individuals

Milkshakes for dad star
Whip up a paleo treat for Father's Day

Milkshakes for moms star
Mix up an easy and healthy milkshake for your mom or yourself

More Halloween recipes star
Enjoy these treats for Halloween and year-round.

Mother's Day recipe star
Pamper mom with coconut mousse pie, delicious and allergen-free

Mothers' Day Treat star
Prepare Sunbutter/Sweet Potato Bars as an allergen-free treat for brunch or dessert on mom's special day

MSG sensitivity star
Flavor-enhancing additive makes food taste better at the expense of your health

My backpacking adventure star
Food and environmental allergies can be managed even while backpacking

National Celiac Month star
May observance offers opportunity to learn about celiac disease, wheat allergy and gluten intolerance

Natural labeling confusing star
Even labels with the term "natural" need scrutiny by food allergy sufferers.

Naturally, Delicious star
Cookbook by Danny Seo makes perfect Valentine's Day gift for those with food intolerances

Nightshade vegetables star
Allergy/intolerance to these popular foods may cause or contribute to arthritic symptoms.

Paleo Halloween bars star
Try a paleo granola bar to satisfy your trick 'or treat sweet tooth and avoid food allergens.

Pass on eggnog star
Try making your own healthy version.

Peanuts star
One of the most common food allergies is being allergic to peanuts.

Pumpkin pie recipes star
Eat allergen-free desserts at holiday meals.

Quinoa star
This gluten-free grain is a super food for those with or without gluten intolerance.

Recipe for Dad star
Make something for dad that is tasty and allergen free.

Reese's sunbutter cupcakes star
Make an alternative Easter treat free of allergens

Safe holiday recipes star
Holiday meal plan filled with allergen-free foods

Safe Valentine's goodies star
Feed your sweet tooth with healthy and safe ingredients

Shellfish star
It´s very common for people to be allergic to shellfish.

Skip monk fruit star
Natural sweetener may not be all that natural

Sports drinks star
Finding sports beverages that are free of allergens can be challenging.

St. Pat's treat star
Try some allergy-friendly mint truffles to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and spring

St. Patrick's dessert star
Try an allergy-friendly dessert to celebrate

Starch intolerance star
Intestinal distress occurs due to lack of enzymes needed to digest starches

Sunbutter star
Sunflower seed butter provides delicious alternative for those allergic/sensitive to peanuts.

Super Bowl S'mores star
Try making a gluten-free, allergy-friendly version of the popular treat

Surviving the holidays star
Food allergy sufferers need a well-rehearsed plan to survive the holidays and stay well.

Tempt frozen dessert star
Non-dairy treat satisfies sweet tooth cravings for those with food allergies.

Thanksgiving recipe star
Pumpkin pie brownie recipe provides "safe" dessert for food allergy sufferers

Traveling with food allergies star
Don't let food allergies ruin your vacation. Plan ahead for eating away from home.

Tree nut allergy star
Individuals often allergic to all varieties and peanuts

Try zummus star
You love hummus but legumes are taboo; then try zummus, made with zucchinis

Valentine's allergen-free star
Get your Valentine-fix with one of these recipes.

Yogurt making star
No need to give up yogurt if you are allergic to dairy. Make your own.

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