The field of biology that studies animals and how they function with other animals, plants, and the environment as a whole.

Bird Taxonomy - How Birds are Classified star
How do scientists classify the more than 9,700 currently known species of birds?

Christmas Bird Count - Citizen Scientists at Work star
The Christmas Bird Count, an annual event sponsored by the National Audubon Society, is a great opportunity for non-scientists to contribute to the pool of knowledge about birds and their habits.

Cryptozoology - An Intro to 'Hidden Animals' star
Many people hear the term 'cryptozoology' and immediately think of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. The study of cryptozoology is actually so much more than that!

Entomology - The Fascinating Study of Insects star
Entomology is the fascinating study of insects. Entomologists don't just capture "bugs" for collections - the study of insects is far more involved than that. Entomologists can provide critical information about crime scenes, infectious diseases and the pests that threaten our food supply.

Ethology - The Study of Innate Animal Behavior star
Ethology is an often overlooked sub-field of zoology. The study of ethology is focused on the study of innate, rather than learned, animal behavior.

Ethology - Types of Innate Animal Behavior star
Ethologists are interested in the study of innate, or inherited, animal behavior. Here you'll find a discussion of several different sorts of innate behavior.

Ichthyology - The Taxonomy of Modern Fish star
Over 32,000 species of fish have been identified to date. This means that they make up more than half of all vertebrate species. Here is an introduction to the taxonomy of modern (not extinct) fish.

Icthyology - The Early History of Ichthyology star
Ichthyology, the study of fish, is considered to be one of the oldest of the natural/zoological studies. After all, humans have been depending on fish for survival since the beginning of recorded history.

Ornithology - Introduction to the Study of Birds star
Ornithology, the scientific study of birds, is a unique branch of zoological study dating back to the Stone Age! Here is an introduction to the early history of Ornithology.

Rodents as Pests star
Rodents are cute as pets, but when they become pests you have a problem. Rodents can get into homes, gardens, and even plant nurseries anf farms, causing damage into the millions of dollars across a state.

Species Spotlight - Flamingo star
Everyone loves the Flamingo. The huge pink bird that famously stands on one leg has captured human attention for generations with its beautiful pink plumage. Learn all about the flamingo in this species spotlight article.

Zoology - An Introduction to the Study of Animals star
Zoology, derived from the ancient Greek "zoon", meaning animal, and "logos" meaning knowledge, refers to the branch of biology which relates to the animal kingdom. This includes the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct.

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