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It was named for Mars, the Roman god of war, and has a hidden pun on its fourth day, not to mention the infamous Ides. In fact, March is 31 days of pure fascination …

Barbie Doll History star
The Barbie Doll was not always cool and confident. When Barbie's creator Ruth Handler originally pitched the concept of the doll to Mattel she was turned down. Read how Ruth turned this idea around to become one of the best selling toy lines in history.

Diane Arbus Born March 14, 1923 star
Artist Diane Arbus was known for her seemingly private photos of "weirdos" and "freaks", but she befriended many of her subjects. What did she have in common with these awkward and unusual subjects? Perhaps her own feelings of being an outcast forged many of her friendships.

Dr. Seuss Born March 2, 1904 star
Well loved writer Dr. Seuss spent a great deal of time visiting his father at work-- at the zoo. Perhaps that is why so many of his creatures have familiar animal-like appearances!

Ides of March - March 15, 44 BC star
Julius Caesar´s political prowess helped to influence most of the known world. The Roman empire expanded greatly under his leadership--so why was it that sixty members of his senate chose to assassinate him?

Meltdown at TMI - March 28, 1979 star
The worst kind of nuclear accident--a meltdown--occurred at one of the nation´s leading nuclear facilities, Three Mile Island in Middletown, PA. What really happened that day and how did it change operations?

Patty Hearst star
It was today, March 20 in 1976 that Patty Hearst was convicted of crimes with the SLA, a guerrilla group that had kidnapped her but also a group that she swore loyalty to later on. Her defense team tried to claim that she was a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Saint Patrick's Day Facts star
This article contains some little known facts about the green holiday.

Unusual March Events star
We take a look at some of the unusual and zany holidays and events that occur in the month of March.

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