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Curious about me? Here’s the short version of my own history –

June 1995: I left university thinking I was going to work at a newspaper or magazine. I ended up teaching journalism at the international school I had graduated from. Thus started my career as an English teacher. I’ve now taught history as well as literature and journalism, partly because I’m deeply interested in stories. I don’t think you can immerse yourself in any one of those subjects properly without touching on the other two. Recalling people, places and events from history reminds us that the stories we are living now had beginnings we might have forgotten. It’s important, and sometimes fun, to remember them.

July 2011: Looking for an outlet for my craving to write, I stumbled upon BellaOnline and became its Literary Fiction editor. I thought I would easily be able to write a weekly article, but everyone knows an English teacher’s workload is Herculean (and some might say Sisyphean)! Now, years later, some of my articles can still be read on that site. They are evidence of my history with BellaOnline, even though they will someday be overwritten.

April 2014: Writing was still very much a lure, so I found myself back on BellaOnline with potentially a whole new audience. I am replacing previous articles on my new site with original work, one week at a time.

Our stories are at once epic and episodic, intimate and universal. Ever since we started using the calendar (1752 if you speak English; later if you’re Russian or Greek), we’ve had at least 365 stories a year to tell. Every day in history must be a significant day for someone somewhere in the world. I hope you’ll like my retelling of a few of their stories.

If you’re viewing the articles on my site by subject, the most recent ones I’ve written will have five stars or flowers next to each of their titles:

If you have an idea for a story, feel free to send me your suggestion and set me off on the research for it, which I’m sure I’ll enjoy doing. The more obscure, the better!

You can also sign up for my weekly newsletter, which may contain extra material that isn’t published on the site. Check out past issues in the archive.

Happy reading!

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