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Winter Solstice 2018 BellaOnline Literary Review Volume 12, Issue 4
MUSED Literary Magazine.

Table of Contents

Visual Arts

Blue Jay by Karen Pendleton
Dragonfly by Lisa Shea
Hidden by Lisa Shea
The Stretch by Donna Sciandra
She Waits by Mark Berkery
Blue Flower by Mark Berkery
Unoccupied Space by Mark Berkery
Perpetual Nature by Mark Berkery
Perfect Little Things by Mark Berkery
Mount Auburn by Bob Evans
The Warrior by Bob Evans
Watch Your Step by Bob Evans
Light Decay by Bob Evans
Sophistication by Karen Pendleton
Birch Leaves by Karen Pendleton
Butterfly by Karen Pendleton
Are You Talking To Me? by Karen Pendleton
Costa's Hummingbird by Ellen R. Erlanger
Rose by Meagan Fedigan
Iguana by Donna Sciandra
3 Sisters by Donna Sciandra
Taurus by Donna Sciandra
Contemplation by Ellen R. Erlanger
Patterns by Lisa Shea
Old Glory by Bob See
Sunflower by Bob See
Lines by Bob See
Mount Carmel by Bob See
Mendocino Moon by Lawrence Pratt
Ranchos de Taos, NM by Susan P. Blevins
Bakery Oven by Bob Evans
Winter Wonderland by Carol Frieswick
Icicles by Meagan Fedigan
Frosty Sunrise! by Linda I. Nelson
Day Dream by Linda I. Nelson
First Snow by Meagan Fedigan
Piano Key Lunching by Ellen R. Erlanger
American Snouts by Ellen R. Erlanger
My Left Eye After 1st Surgery by Cassandra Hamilton
Boreal Owl by Donna Sciandra
Apple by Cassandra Hamilton
Spider Spotlight by Bob See
Pathway by Lisa Shea
Old Barn by Linda I. Nelson
Panes by Michael Zeis
Double Door by Michael Zeis
Neighborhood Brook by Carol Frieswick
Winter White by Carol Frieswick
Going for a Swim by Julie L. Vandekreke
Fall Still Life by Dennis Smith
River Bend Barn in Perspective by Dennis Smith
Rice City Pond Snowscape by Dennis Smith
Threshold by Linda I. Nelson
Frozen Bubble by Meagan Fedigan
Finally Winter by Linda I. Nelson
Summer Hummer by Lawrence Pratt


#BelieveAllWomen by Cynthia Pitman
12 Steps to Winter by Joan McNerney
A Day in Winter by Ken Allan Dronsfield
A Fire in the Distance by Marianne Brems
A Look Back at Lot by Misky Braendeholm
A Morning in Late Autumn by William Ruleman
A Song to the Twilight by Ann Christine Tabaka
A Spenserian Stanza for the Black Forest by William Ruleman
Cantare: Camping near the Platte River in November by Jeff Burt
Carolyn by Ruth Z Deming
Chimes, Fairies and the Alaska Sun by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Combustible by Stacey Dye
Daily Encore by James Nichols
Detroit Rebellion, 1967: The Fire at Honest Joe's Paint Shop, on the Corner of 12th and Taylor by Paul David Adkins
Detroit Uprising, 1967: The Burning Rats by Paul David Adkins
Enjoy by Darrell Petska
Evanescence by Elisa L Everts
Finding Solace in the Woods by William Ruleman
First Snow by Bernadine Lortis
French and Sugar by Craig W. Steele
Giant Forest by Stacy Link
Haiku by Roberta Beach Jacobson
Haiku by Roberta Beach Jacobson
Haiku by Maria DePaul
Haiku by Maria DePaul
Haiku by Maria DePaul
Last Night I Discovered I Was Wood by Dharani Persaud
Mahalia by Phibby Venable
Meditations on Trees by Mary Anna Kruch
Moonshine & Matches by Susan Mahlburg
Moving On by Thalia Dunn
Nostalgia by David Edwards
Note To A New Friend by Phibby Venable
Now You See Me, Now You Don't by Stacey Dye
Oh, Shame! by Elisa L Everts
On the Edge of the Past by Craig W. Steele
Petrichor by Bartholomew Barker
Resolution by Stacey Dye
Revelation 17:6 by Adam Nagy
Royalty by Marylou Mansfield
Sanity by Judith Steele
Sciatica by Ruth Z Deming
Sea Dance by Judith Steele
Self-Portrait with Question by Beate Sigriddaughter
She Sits by James Nichols
Snow Mountain by Michael Hamer
Sonnet 10, The Deer Crossing by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Sonoran Spirits by J. Scott Shields
The Church I Never Entered by Sarah Law
The Lady of the Wood by Bartholomew Barker
The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge by Marianne Brems
The Romance of Home by Bruce Levine
They Said He Would Be Fine by Linda Leedy Schneider
Three Letters by Martha Landman
Viet Nan Auntie by Bernadine Lortis
Who Killed the Sweetness? by Beate Sigriddaughter
Winter Chores by J. Scott Shields
Winter Solstice by Joan McNerney
Winter Solstice by Beate Sigriddaughter
Winter Storm by Jeff Burt
Witch Hunt: Salem -- dedicated to Rebecca Nurse by Cynthia Pitman


Assumptions by Monika R. Martyn
Before the Heat is Gone by Patty Somlo
Bug by E. Raymond Tatten
Everybody is a Star by Madlynn Haber
Getaway by E. Raymond Tatten
In Spitting Distance by Patricia Black-Gould
Mushrooms by Sangita Kalarickal
Neighbourhood Watch by Gwenda Major
Recovery by Rosalind Goldsmith
Side of the Road by Thalia Dunn
Slowing Down by Jim Bates
The George Schuler Files: Based on a True Story by Ruth Z Deming
The Last Performance by Susan P. Blevins
Watercolors by Don Tassone


A Cemetery and a Mountain by Lisa Reily
A Decidedly Untidy Existence by Julie Kaye Henderson
A Drifting World, or the Bottle That Was a Message by Dawid Juraszek
Angie's Day by Wendell Logan
Catherine Horricks - A Teacher Who Went Beyond by Heather Andrews Miller
Dear Aunt Ethel by Ruth Z Deming
Heart Failure by Nancy Wick
Killeen by Amanda Felice
Mother Teresa by Susan P. Blevins
My Love Affair with the Late Carroll Beame by Ruth Z Deming
Pia by Elisa L. Everts
Plastic Bag Lover by Lisa Reily
Rebel by Susan P. Blevins
Will I Die of a Heat Stroke? by Ruth Z Deming


Grandma's Release by John Clark Smith


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers