General information about parrots that is applicable to most species.

American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. star[offsite link]
Take online courses to become a Certified Aviculturist.

Birds and Other Pets star
With some simple precautions it is easy to keep your birds safe and healthy while owning other pets. But the uninformed pet owner could be putting their birds at risk and not even be aware of it.

Birds as Pets star
Have you considered a bird as a pet? They can make outstanding pets. They are highly intelligent and social. However, pet birds can also be destructive, loud, and demanding. A pet bird can also be very loving and affectionate. Find out if a pet bird is for you.

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Birds Site Map star
Here is a site map to help you navigate the Birds Site. You will find the introduction to many bird species along with the bird's proper care. You will find information on how to train a bird and proper emergency birds aid. You will find many species of birds and soon every species of bird!

Buying an Unweaned Bird? star
Will your new baby bird bond to you better if you handfeed him yourself?

Buying Your First Bird star
A small amount of advance planning and research can help you choose your first bird and avoid some common pitfalls new bird owners often face.

Cedar Hill Birds star[offsite link]
I don´t "personally" recommend any breeders unless I have had experience with the breeder. I will pass on links however, this is a personal recommendation. Wonderful breeders great people!

Children & Pet Birds star
Pets of any kind just seem to go with children. Are pet birds any different?

Cost of Birdkeeping star
If you are wanting to get a bird for a pet because birds do not cost much, now is a good time to sit down to figure out what the costs actually are.

Fear of Birds star
Sometimes it is hard for those of us who love our birds to understand that some people are afraid of birds. What do you do when someone you know or love is terrified of your pet bird?

How Long Do Birds Live? star
Numbers quoted in species related books are just an average lifespan and often under-represent a healthy lifespan. With proper care and balanced nutrition pet birds often live far longer than these averages.

Hybrid Macaws star
Do birds genus naturally interbreed resulting in hybrids in nature. What are some of the more common hybrid macaws. Enjoy the amazing hybrid macaw pictures. Learn more about hybrid macaw breeding. Share your opinion about hybrid macaw parrots.

I Found a Bird star
What would you do if you found a pet bird? Here are some tips to get the bird back home where he belongs.

Introduce a New Bird to Your Flock star
By taking these steps to introduce a new bird to your existing flock you greatly reduce the risk of exposure to illness, limit stress and lay the foundation for healthy relationships between your new and existing birds.

Moving With Pet Birds star
Whether you own (or are owned by) one bird or several birds, the day may come when you have to plan a move.

Pet Bird in the Classroom star
Does a bird make a good classroom pet? Read more to find out.

Pet Birds and Seniors star
Does owning a pet bird increase your lifespan? Bird ownership carries many responsibilities, but also much joy.

Prepare Your Birds for Cooler Weather star
Fall brings changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and shorter days. What do these indicators mean for your pet birds? Do you need to make any special provisions for your feathered friend? Consider the following factors as you prepare your bird for cooler weather.

Starter Birds star
If you are interested in birds, but have never had one before now, what species should you be interested in? Most people would consider one of the smaller species to be "starter birds".

Time Change and Your Pet Bird(s) star
How does the time change affect your pet bird(s)? Well – for us, we get to sleep an extra hour at this time of year, but for your bird, that just means he, she or they have to wait an extra hour for their food and some attention from you.

Traveling with Your Bird star
Whether it’s an emergency trip to the avian vet or a family vacation, traveling with your bird may become necessary at some point. It is important to consider your bird’s accommodations ahead of time so that the trip is happy and safe for everyone involved.

Vacation Care for Your Bird star
What do you do if you want to go on vacation and can not take your bird? Do you have a trusted bird sitter that you can call in this situation? Or do you just decide not to take the vacation?

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