Articles that are "opinion pieces" about a variety of bird-related issues.

Bird Focused Training star
Over the years, I have been taught by my birds that the most meaningful way to train them, er, I mean to be trained by them is through a philosophically-based technique that I call BIRD FOCUSED TRAINING.

Bird Snack Philosophy star
Based on my observations and experience, most, if not all, birds in captivity "live to eat." Consequently, for my birds' emotional and physical well-being, I have developed and instituted what I call a "bird snack philosophy." Hopefully, you will too.

Birds 3 star

Housed House Finches star
House finches are reputed to be the most widely dispersed songbird in North America. In the U.S, it is illegal to keep them in captivity, In Mexico, where it is legal, they are among the most popular "pet" birds. From what I have seen there, I wish that there weren't any housed house finches.

Important Reasons Not To Become a Bird Owner star
Even if they want to be, not everybody is ready or capable of being a bird "owner" due to a variety of factors. Here are my "birder's" dozen of reasons not to become a bird "owner."

Interview With a Great Bird Person star
Proper "pet" bird care involves many critical factors including knowledge, skills, common bird sense, compassion, time, energy and resources. In the following interview, it is apparent that Connie Mistler Davidson is "a great bird person." I wish that could be said for everyone who "owns" birds.

Is it Really Important to Teach Your Bird to Talk? star
Many people acquire birds, especially certain members of the parrot family, in the expectation that they can be taught to talk. However, even some individual members of species renowned for their talking ability may not talk for a variety of factors. Is it really that important that your bird talks?

Negative Bird Idioms star
Much of the English speaking world claims to be bird lovers. Why is it then that the majority of the bird idioms are negative in nature? It doesn't take a BIRD BRAIN (or does it?) to figure out why. It's time that those misleading words and phrases to become DEAD AS A DODO.

Pet Bird Anthropomorphism star
Anthropomorphism is said to be the attribution of human characteristics, behavior or motivation to animals, inanimate objects or natural phenomena. Birds in captivity may exhibit certain of these "human" qualities. For my budgies, one of those qualities is LOYALTY to one another.

Puppy Socialization with Pet Birds star
Socializing a puppy in your home is most effective when it occurs during that critical period of time when the newest member of your household is between eight to sixteen weeks old. This article discusses tips on how to socialize your puppy for your birds' physical and emotional well-being.

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